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Leading the way for the future, Hurley's Diesel and Spring’s has taken parts sales to the next level, adopting a low cost, high volume approach, leaving customers with more in their hand than other competitors. Hurley's now stock over two thousand five hundred lines dealing in everything Truck and Trailer from electrical, brakes, axle and suspension to driveline, engine, filtration and more. Come in today and ask Peter to show you what we have on offer, you'll be surprised at what you don’t have to wait for from Perth.



Brake Hardware and Brake Drums

General Purpose, Propar, B.P.W - Buy individual brake components or get a kit to cover everything. Rollers and retainers, return springs and pins, anchor pins and bushes, and weld-on washers. We have it all.

Brake Shoes and Linings

At Hurley's, we are all about quality which is reflected by our brake shoes and linings. They're a Don 7444 lining, arguably the best lining money can buy. Great for any dirt road driving, the Don 7444 lining will last longer and brake fade is less noticeable than competing brands. Because a lot of our customers are doing heavy duty work and heavy duty trips they need only the best and that's what we at Hurley's provide, only the best.

Our shoes come in bonded or riveted. The bonded shoes last longer and protect your brake drum better. The riveted shoes can get rocks and dust built up in the rivet holes, meaning your drums and linings may wear unevenly. Give them ago and see how effectively they can work for you.

Note: We also keep a number of aluminium rivets. Our new shoes are an out right buy, not exchange but we can reline your old shoes.

Suspension Hardware

  • Equalisers, Pins and bushes
  • Torque Rods, ends, pins and bushes
  • Springs, Airbags, Shocks
  • Top plates, Saddles
  • U-bolts, nuts, washers
  • Shackle pins, cotter pins, centre bolts, and shackle bushes to suit most trailers and a selection of trucks, all priced to sell.
Have you tried polyurethane suspension bushes before?
Although they can cost more than rubber, they last much longer and when taking into account the cost of labour, they can be more cost effective to your business. The less you need to change your bushes, the more you save in downtime and labour cost. Give them ago today, we have more than enough on the shelf and we think you'll like the price.


Springs can be expensive, but not at Hurley's. At Hurley's, all of the common trailer springs are well below other competitors prices. If you need springs for your truck reset, Peter can do it here and if you need your truck springs remanufactured we're here to accommodate.

Air Bags

Air bag suspensions are the future of truck and trailer suspensions. Hurley's is already there with more air bags on the shelf than any other retailer for hundreds of kilometres. Holding aftermarket products we have some of the best cross-referencing material available to make identifying the air bag you need faster and easier.


Electrical supplies for truck and trailers is part of most businesses, but the difference at Hurley's is the cost. We'll leave you with more in your hand, adopting high volume low cost sale procedures.

We stock Hella L.E.D. and Narva lighting and electrical purely for truck and trailers. Hurley's will give you what you want, at a price you'll like.

Air Valves and Fittings

We have more valves and more fittings than anywhere in town. Come in and see what we have on the shelf, a huge range of Push-To-Connect. Joiners, connectors, elbows, tees, bungs, barbs, bulkheads, couplings and more...


Hurley's are distributors for Donaldson Filters, one of the most respected aftermarket filter brands in Australia for the last 100 years. Known for their quality, their standards in most cases are higher than that of the O.E. Manufacturer. For those who only use genuine we keep a small range of Duetz, CAT and Detroit filters to accommodate.

Trailer Coupling

K-Hitch and Boomerang Jaws and Pins, Foot pins and bushes, toe eyes, toe eye bushes, Ringfeeder 92CX Assy, repair kits, handles, bushes, wear pads and more, all on the shelf at Hurley's.


Mud flaps, Guards in red, blue, green, black and white, poles and brackets, truck signs, mirrors, tie rod and drag link ends, clutches, Horton fan kits and more. Come in and have a tour of our parts range today.


Axle Hardware

Timken Bearings, CR wheel seals, backing plates and axle nuts, washers, wheel nuts and studs, BPW and more. If we don't have it on the shelf we can get it overnight and at a price that's right.


Pinion seals, uni-joints, centre bearings. Once again Hurley's deliver, making available off the shelf parts which other local stores can't.


Hurley's have a range of hydraulic fittings on the shelf. Come in a see what's there.

Aftermarket and Genuine Truck and Engine parts

Hurley's have long standing agreements and accounts with a huge number of suppliers in Perth. Enough to cover anything you need for your truck and trailers at a competitive price. Sellers of Multispares parts, the up coming leader in aftermarket European and Japanese truck and engine parts, Hurley's have access to a huge number of different parts straight out of Perth overnight.